I need some new friends…

‘You really know who your friends are in a time of crisis….’ 

In a time of crisis when my whole world shifts and is in grave danger of irretrievably falling apart the phone is a lifeline to safety. The safety of your friends, the ones that you have carefully emotionally fed over the years, looked after and had more than a few belly laughs with are imperative.

I kept the circle small. 

At first I only told one friend, my voice of reason, my northern light who always kept the path clear for me. I had a lovely chat with a girlfriend before she went back overseas and her love and compassion for me helped no end.  Then my oldest friend who was all ready to come over to mine with wine and drugs (forgetting that I don’t partake) but it made me smile, her willingness to drop everything to hold my hand. My mother, gulp, mostly because the boys knew and she takes them out and I didn’t want her to say something unintentionally which would be difficult for them. Luckily my skills as a dog handler (think pit bull that hasn’t eaten for a while ) managed to keep her calm and actually she’s been rather wonderful. 

So then I told a couple of other friends, one that I would class as a best friend who had been downgraded to a good mate after she left her husband and moved in with a bald headed carpenter and morphed into another creature. How can people change so much?! And another mate who had been thru a separation and reconciliation. These were  my ‘get you back out there’ gals. My ‘put your red lipstick on we’re heading out’ pals. 

Think there’s something wrong with my phone. Only they haven’t texted back. 

Bollocks lost my husband, lost my mates.  


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