Last night…

He came back. 

Begged for forgiveness and a second chance. In twenty four and a half years he has never done either. We have never been in this position before, we have always been together even when we have been drifting along I never doubted his love. Until this time. The devastation was complete. 

We talked. About her. About him. He was honest. I slapped him so hard around the face his ear rings, my hand hurts and there is a faint bruise on his cheek. I take no pleasure ( it is the first time I have ever hit anyone) and yet I feel justified by the pain he has caused me. He hangs his head in shame. 

And then when the anger subsides and I hear his words I know that I will give him a second chance. That I will forgive him. That she is nothing and I am everything. 

Spring will always follow Winter. 

Strength + courage = fearless


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